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Sales of ALLWEILER products in Stany Zjednoczone

Opisanie: Pump details: Series: NI Size: Standard nominal width on delivery side: 32 Size: Nominal impeller diameter: 125 Hydraulic no.: 01 Actual impeller diameter: 109 Shaft seal: U3D Material design: W19 Stub shaft bore diameter for fixing to motor shaft end: 19 Drive lantern or intermediate ring outside diameter or flange size of electric motor : 200 Motor Details: Three-phase motors with squirrel cage Totally enclosed fan-cooled, enclosure IP 55 Protection type “Flameproof Enclosure“ Ex de IIC Types Types: DNGW Number of poles: 2 – Wide voltage range 380–420V – 50 Hz Class F insulation, Utilization to B Temperature class T4 Serial Number: DNGW-080BH-02 C IM: B5 IEC 34-1/EN50014 Rated output: 1.1 kW Rated Speed: 2795 / min Cosφ : 0.85 91 C 3268 16 6 99H Complete with certificates

ALLWEILER produkt Stany Zjednoczone NI 32-125 / 01 / Ǿ 109 U3D – W19 – ANSI 150 – 19 / 200 z najlepszą ceną i najkrótszym czasem realizacji od 5 lat Stany Zjednoczone na całym świecie. ALLWEILER Stany Zjednoczone zadzwoń lub napisz do nas.


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